Thursday, June 11, 2009

Painting Garage, Garden and Privacy Fence

Finally got the siding on the garage painted. I'll be installing corrugated metal roofing on the top part to give a real modern look. I think it'll be awesome. Check out my cucumber plant in my home made topsy turvy planter I made from a 2 liter bottle! yesterday at lunch I saw a bumblebee pollinating all the blooms! yay! In other news I've started the privacy fence as well. It's going pretty good and I really like the hard work. and hard work it is. I'm still using a clam shell post hole digger. People told me to just rent a one person auger, but honestly i really like the work out. My day job consists of sitting on my ass staring at a computer screen, so I take any chance to get outside and work out my body. Be sure to check out my carrots, pole beans and okra plant as well in the photos.