Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cork Floors and Slate Tile

I promise I'll be posting photos soon. The good thing is that I've been busy with the house (and a few other things) The laundry is coming along very nicely. I laid down the slate tile and installed a nice modest frosted globe light fixture. I also installed new power outlets and light switches. The only thing left to do is install new baseboards.

My next project is installing cork floors. I ran into a bit of snafu with the flooring company (iFloor). I placed an order for some cork flooring to cover my living room and hallway to start. I used their no interest/no payments for 18 months credit offer. (I know, I know, I already had a conversation with my brother about financing home improvements...) Anyways the company just filed for chapter 11 and I can get anyone on the phone to find out how and when I can pick up my flooring. Soooooo I guess that's a clue that I should not have financed my flooring. Waiting to hear back from their attorneys...